Our Facility

Front Desk


When first entering our shelter, you will come into our front lobby. Employees at the front desk are available to answer any pet-related questions you may have. We often have cages set out for the smaller kittens, and the dogs take turns playing behind our front desk (they are really being socialized, but don't tell them)! There are also two private adoption rooms to accommodate intakes and adoptions.

Dog Kennels

dog kennels inside

Open for public viewing, we have 30 dog kennels. All kennels have heated floors when the weather turns cold. Six of those kennels are located in the Small Breed/Puppy room.

The other 24 kennels are separated into an East Wing and West Wing. When the weather is nice, garage doors provide fresh air for the dogs during the day.

Each large breed kennel has two adjoining rooms for the dog to walk through, a Kuranda bed, fresh blankets, toys, food, and a water bowl which refills automatically.

The Humane Society property extends back to Walnut Creek, which is great for dog walks! We also have three dog parks, two of which are open to the public.

dog kennels outside

Cattery Room

For our cats, we have 32 cages in our Cattery Room, and also 6 cages for Millcreek & Summit strays. Each cage contains a litter box, cat bed or blankets, toys, and food & water bowls. We also have a Cat Lounge room where some of our cat residents are free to roam and play!

cattery lounge room

Gift Shop


We also have a retail gift shop located in our front lobby. We sell a variety of items for both dogs and cats including beds, collars, toys, treats, crates, feeding bowls, and other fun accessories. Anything you purchase from our gift shop will help the animals of the Humane Society and all items are below retail prices!

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