Private Cremation and Euthanasia Services

Sometimes, the best decision for a beloved pet is the hardest one to make.

The Humane Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania offers private euthanasia and cremation services to assist pet owners in acting responsibly, humanely and lovingly.

Private Euthanasia

We adhere to the highest standards in the performance of humane euthanasia and employ the methods recommended by the American Humane Association. The procedure is also performed under the supervision of a certified technician. A pet owner considering euthanasia should speak with one of or knowledgeable staff members to make an informed compassionate decision.

Private Cremation

Many loving pet owners consider having their dog or cat cremated to honor their precious friendship. In these cases, The Humane Society offers dignified professional cremation at affordable rates.

For more information about private euthanasia and cremation services, please contact the HSNWPA at 814-835-8331. These services are provided by appointment only.

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