How to Volunteer

Volunteers make a huge difference in the lives of our shelter pets and our staff. Our organization relies on the commitment and dedication of our current volunteers and we are always accepting applications from potential volunteers.

We invite you to join our spectacular volunteer team today with three easy steps:

1. Fill Out Our Volunteer Application
All potential volunteers must have a volunteer application on file to be considered for our volunteer program. An application can be filled out at the shelter, or you can request one to be sent to you via email by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator by the email below.

2. Attend Orientation
If your volunteer application is approved, you will be invited to attend our next volunteer orientation. We hold orientations approximately every other month. Orientations go over the mission and goals of Humane Society, explain current volunteer opportunities, and includes a tour of the shelter.

3. Commit to a Volunteer Role
We have many opportunities for volunteers, which all require a different level of commitment. Our volunteer coordinator will work one-on-one with you to tailor your volunteer experience around your schedule.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Chelsea Kirkpatrick.
Phone: (814)836-8331

FAQs about Volunteering

How old do I have to be to volunteer?
You must be 18 or older to be a regular volunteer and volunteer by yourself. Any volunteer under the age of 18 must be with an adult at all times. We welcome children, ages 6 and up, to volunteer, as long as they are accompanied at all times by a parent/guardian. If you are a parent/child team interested in volunteering, we request that each of you fill out an application form.

I have a busy schedule. When are volunteers able to come in?
We have volunteer opportunities every day of the week and our Volunteer Coordinator will work with your schedule to find an opportunity that matches your skill set and availability!

Volunteer Hours:
Monday/Tuesday/ Thursday 8 AM – 5 PM
Wednesday 8 AM – 6 PM
Friday 8 AM – 4 PM
Saturday 8 AM – 3 PM
Sunday 8 AM – 2 PM

I sent in my application. When can I start volunteering?
We must receive your completed volunteer application before you can attend an orientation. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed. You will be contacted to let you know whether or not you have been approved. If approved you will be invited to the next orientation. Attending an orientation is mandatory for regular volunteers.

I need to do court appointed community service. What do you have available? Do I need to attend and orientation?
We can no longer accept volunteers that are seeking court appointed community service hours.

Can I get volunteer credit for my high school or college by volunteering at the Humane Society? Do I need to attend an orientation?
Yes, we can provide service hours on a case-by-case basis performing various tasks. You do not need to attend an orientation to volunteer for just a few hours. These volunteer tasks are not hands on with the animals and typically involve cleaning, office work, etc. If your school has a program, we can sign off on the appropriate documentation provided by the volunteer after the community service has been completed. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

I’ve heard once you start volunteering you have to pay? What is the fee for?
We greatly appreciate the time, energy and knowledge that volunteers share with our pets and our guests. We do have a one-time $5 fee that is due at your first scheduled volunteer shift that helps the Humane Society offset some of the costs of running our Volunteer Program and provide you with more resources to use while volunteering. It includes your volunteer t-shirt, name badge, and training materials. Note: The fee applies to regular adult volunteers who have attended orientation. If junior volunteers would like a t-shirt, they can pay the fee, but it is not required. Group and one-time volunteers are not required to pay this fee.

Are you not able to be a regular volunteer? Here are other things you can do to help.

Raise Funds
• Make a monetary donation
• Sponsor a Pet- buy a specific shelter animal toys and treats, share their photo on social media, make a
donation towards their adoption fee.
• Host a Fundraiser - hold bake sales, yard sales, craft sales, participate in walk-a-thons, car washes and
much more! Feel free to use your imagination to come up with a fundraising idea.
• Collect items from our wish list
• Collect aluminum cans at home and/or at your workplace and bring them to the Humane Society so that
we can recycle them

Craft for the Cause
• Make animal-themed cards that shelter staff can use as thank you and sympathy cards.
• Knit or crochet animal sweaters
• Make bowties, flowers, or other collar decorations to help attract attention to our shelter pets at events
and on their news appearances.
• Make blankets for shelter pets
• Make toys for shelter pets (you may want to contact the shelter to make sure your toy is approved for use
and would not pose any hazard to shelter pets health)

Raise Awareness
• Pick up flyers and posters for upcoming Humane Society events and programs and share them with your
family and friends at work, school, church, etc. Please call beforehand, so we can have materials prepped
for you!
• Share pictures of our adoptable pets on social media to spread the word and help them find their forever

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